about  From the very beginning Firensics set out to reorient and revolutionize the fire investigation industry.

After literally growing up within the investigation community and being tutored for fire investigation by my father, Carter D. Roberts, I founded Firensics, Inc., in 2010. My formative years were spent in the company of some of the most well-known names in claims management and fire investigation. Some are still around; many are now gone. But the tremendous lessons they personally passed down to me are alive and well in the embodiment of this company.

They all instilled in me the love of discovering the truth and providing top-notch service to those who seek it. I highly value my years of experience in fire and explosion investigations working alongside many great fire investigators and engineers, but it was my time spent as an insurance adjuster that made me recognize a better way. It was then that I formed the framework of a company that looks at its client’s patronage as an investment in fire investigations, rather than an extra buck for the bottom line.

We do this not by providing flat-and cut-rate investigations, but by understanding the variables involved in making a valuable investment in an investigation, and under what circumstances an investigation may need to be finalized earlier – limiting our own earnings per file - so that client funds can be redirected toward more sensible areas of the claims process.

My dad joined Firensics in 2013 as the General Executive Manager. He brought with him four decades of experience, including time as the head of what had been the largest company in the industry, and later founder and leader of what would become the largest full-service investigation company in the industry. I was fortunate enough to be a part of his team, and am fortunate enough again for him to be a part of mine.

In 2019, I was able to join Haag Global, the industry leaders in forensics and technical consulting. We had the opportunity to partner with a company who shared our values and committment to integrity and quality, and help Haag expand its fire origin and cause services. 

Today, we – along with the many fine members of our team - are building the premier fire investigation company in the country, with unprecedented focus on customer service and efficiency.

My hope is that you will give us the chance to show you a new level of service and understanding, and the opportunity to earn your business.


Edward G. Roberts