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Where Are You Investing Your O&C Budget?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Firensics reports have been called the best in the business, and we believe they are. Our reporting process is designed for fast turnaround to you, with clear layout and language so that you can move on with your claim handling quickly.


Do You Need an O&C?

An Origin and Cause Investigation is needed any time responsibility for the fire matters. If there is a potential for legal action – arising out of fraud, subrogation or liability – or the possibility that the story may change, you need an O&C.


Are You Getting an O&C?

The purpose of an Origin and Cause Investigation is not only to determine what caused an event to occur, but to document and support those findings through any future proceedings that may result. Not all incidents will result in denial, subrogation, or a liability claim. In those cases a scene examination only may be sufficient for claim handling.