Services Overview

The fire investigation industry has undergone a lot of changes over the last several years, and most of them for good reason. The result is that many fire investigators – and their old-school, one-size-fits-all, “I’ll rest on my opinion” approach – have left. Today’s fire investigator has to be a forensic professional. And that’s exactly what we are at Firensics.

Our expertise is in our name… Firensics.

In everything we do, we act as stewards of your reputation. From providing you reports in a time frame that allows you to complete your duties on time, to treating your customers with the courtesy and respect they deserve, we act and present ourselves in a manner consistent with your own high Professional Standards. And our knowledge and training serve to insure you that when the challenges of litigation and court arise, your fire investigator will be there for you… every step of the way.

When Firensics is on the scene, the last thing you need to worry about is your reputation.

We have one guiding philosophy: We make it easy for you to do business with us.

We accomplish this in three ways:


  Constant and clear communication, beginning at the fire scene:
We recognize that as both a professional and an individual, your most valuable commodity is your time. We know that in the hectic world of claims, your time is filled with far more activity than most others. Pressures come from above to do more with less, and from your clients, who demand quick resolutions to their claims. Your time should never be wasted waiting to hear from your fire investigator.


  In-depth investigations that answer all of the questions you need answered:
Our investigators work with an eye toward efficiency. Rather than cutting corners with flat or cut-rate investigations, we work closely with you during every step of the investigation to provide you with the data you need to make a risk analysis of whether to continue an investigation or close and move on to the next file. By understanding the issues important to you and being in constant contact, we help ensure your investigation funds are invested wisely, and you aren’t left with unanswered questions. Your time should never be wasted asking questions.


  Quick turnaround of easy-to-read reports:
Our reports are designed as a dry-run for testimony. When you work with Firensics, Inc., you get a professional, peer-reviewed clearly written report with documentation delivered to you on time, every time. Guaranteed. Your time should never be wasted chasing down a report.